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Pixl Showcase

This is a multi-face website that handles the entry submission, judging, payments, and result management for multiple award shows across multiple domains.

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This is a basic company website with some fancy effects. It also includes a mobile optimized version.

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Minerva Real Estate

This website is the internet presence for Minerva Real Estate. It syncs realtime with hundreds of thousands of MLS listings and manages transactions and communication between their agents and clients.

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The Silver Files

This is the first website to completely run on the Vectoran framework.

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Green Built North Texas

The Green Built North Texas website is a registry for homes that meet or exceed this company's green standards. Verifiers go out to each home and submit its information to this system where it goes through an approval process. The system also handles their 3-tier pricing structure, invoicing, pdf generation and credit card payments for the company. The website runs on Symfony.

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The Big Home Tour

Here builders and developers submit their homes and communities to the website in order to be part of the tours. The website runs on Symfony.

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This system was built for a previous employer and handles much of each employees' job functions including client administration, contracting, scheduling, broadcast emails, a wide array of reporting and many more things.


This system involves 2 servers: the webserver and the mail server host node. On the mail server host node are multiple virtual machines running email servers. The web server sends out numerous emails through the virtual machines. The responses and bounce backs are automatically processed by the web server as well. There is also an extensive scheduling and calendaring system used to keep track of appointments. The website runs on Symfony.


A website for a local video game programmer

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This site is dedicated to the Honda Civic and features a video library, news, articles, and a message board. The website runs on Symfony.

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Mine Dodger

A PHP game I made a while back in my free time. It's a take off of mine sweeper, but instead you have to move your guy across a field of mines without stepping on one.

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3D Image Generator

This was an experiment I did a few years ago. I basically wrote a small 3d engine in PHP that takes a set of points and draws it onto a PNG image.

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